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Learning Muscles

We all have the capacity to learn throughout our lives and ‘grow’ our brains. If we learn something new, the learning part of our brain is strengthened and learning becomes easier.

At Orchard Academy we recognise the importance of using and developing our Learning Muscles in order to become successful learners. We have four Learning Muscles:

  • Strength
  • Reflection
  • Curiosity
  • Co-operation

We combine the use of all four learning muscles to form a growth mindset enabling us to understand that anything is possible and that the best learning comes from journey not the destination!


Exercising our strength muscle enables us keep trying and not to give up even if we find something difficult. We look at how to use new strategies to move us forward and how to manage distractions so we become more absorbed in our learning.




Exercising our reflection muscle enables us to improve our work by identifying what is good about it and seeking ways to make it even better. We learn not to worry when things go wrong and accept that we can all learn valuable lessons from our mistakes. 




Exercising our curiosity muscle enables us to let our mind explore and to continually ask questions – What if? How come? Why? Asking questions leads us to discovering answers through research and communicating with others. 




Exercising our co-operation muscle enables us to be ready and willing to learn from and listen to others. It allows us to see things from other viewpoints remembering that everybody has something to contribute.




How are we doing with using our learning muscles this term?

Learning muscle stars are placed in the clear tubes at the front of school. See the images below throughout the year to monitor and track our progress. 

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