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School Governors

Category of Governor Full Name Term of office

Trust Board appointed (chair, SG, SEND)

David Gayton

01/09/18 to 31/08/22

Trust Board appointed Ken Tunmore

10/05/18 to 09/05/22

Trust Board appointed Adam Webb

20/09/18 to 19/09/22

Trust Board appointed Colin Durrans

20/09/18 to 19/09/22

Trust Board appointed Kate Carr

13/02/19 to 12/02/23

Co-opted Elaine Noctor

01/09/18 to 31/08/22

Co-opted Steve Hartley

29/01/19 to 28/01/23

Elected parent

Irfan Mohamed

13/02/19 to 12/02/23
Elected parent Vacancy


Elected staff




Category  of Governor Appointed or elected onto the local governing body?

2 Parent Governors

Elected on to the local governing body by parents of pupils at the school

5 Trust Board Appointed

Appointed by the Trust

1 Elected Staff Member

Governor by virtue of employment by the school

2 Co-opted

Co-opted by the Board

Total number of governors = 10 (2 vacancies)

Below you can find information about governance across the Trust, including details of our Members and Trustees.


Please find below the latest minutes from our local governing body meetings.



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