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School Expansion

This is an exciting time for Orchard Academy as we will soon have an extended school! The builders will soon be starting work on creating our new learning space.  You can see how they are getting on....

September 12th 2017

Contractors have started to arrive on site and we have enjoyed watching the lorries bringing in the cabins and lifting them into place.

August 2017

The fencing is now up!

July 2017

We were thrilled to learn that the Milton Keynes planning authority has given its consent to the new classrooms at Orchard. The new accommodation will also be a great opportunity for the academy to design the new teaching spaces around the curriculum. Construction will begin in the autumn and over the summer holidays we are expecting the site and safety fencing to be erected. This will mean that there will be some changes of routine for the pupils as we may have less playground space for a short while. To compensate for this, we also have advanced plans for a multi-use games area (MUGA) to be built on part of the playing field. This will also be a super addition to the sports facilities at the academy. Special thanks must go to Keith Marshall, chair of our local governing body, for all his hard work in seeing the project through to construction. There are approximately 300 pupils on roll at Orchard with well-developed plans to expand to 480. We expect the building to be ready for occupation in September 2018. During the period of construction, the play space at Orchard will be restricted so we will ensure that full use is made of the playing field in PE and recreation.

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